Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Eye witness testimonies

The testimony of the eye witness journalist Mr Papadimitriou on Mega Channel:

"A police car comes to the corner of Tzavela-Navarinou str. The police car stops and looks down the street. As if they were looking for something. From inside the police car they [the policemen] are having a verbal argument with a group of people. They [the people] had not covered faces [reference to groups with covered faces taking part in violent demonstrations]. There were coffee shops there and these were the kids. 50 metres down the road the policemen get off the police car, a few minutes after the verbal argument. No attack took place and there was no physical contact. The police car was not attacked either. Only a group of people started shouting. 2 plastic bottles of water were thrown and the policement were in place [i.e. they didn't try or have to leave].
They go back to the police car and leave towards Charilaou Trikoupi str. and go back on foot with a quick stride and arrive at the same spot again. The group with which they had argued was on str. Tzavela and Mesologgiou. The [the group] did not move towards the policemen. The distance between them was more than 20 metres. The didn't reach hand-to-hand [fight]. Only verbal duels from 40 m. distance. After shouts and swearing he RAISES HIS GUN AND SHOOTS IN THE DIRECTION OF THE KIDS. I saw the extension of his hand. He was not shooting in the air."

this has been posted on numerous Greek speaking sites, among them comment section:

The below videos are from Mega Channel, numerous eye witnesses verify the above testimony, incuding the facts that there was only verbal conflict, the shooting was from a distance and in cold blood, and then the perpetrators turned around and left walking...

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